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Health & Wellness Studios - Dream Garden Studios
We are working through Covid 19 so get in touch today to secure your install before Christmas
Contacts us on: 01932 867624 or 07545 457684

Health & Wellness Studio

Our Health & Wellness studios are an excellent choice for those focussed on improving their mind and body health. They are adaptable and can be used as a gym, yoga studio, cycling studio, for hot and cold therapies, and as a relaxing space to focus on your wellbeing. 


We offer tailored designs the are focussed on ensuring that you get exactly what you need from your studio. We can supply your studio with a 1-4 person sauna, a chest freezer ice both for those Wim Hof enthusiasts, we can install anchor points for pull up bars and band exercises, or integrated speakers for yoga enthusiasts. How you choose to use your studio is completely up to you, but we make sure that you get exactly what you need so that you can enjoy your studio as intended. 

Use our cost Estimator below to start building your Studio or give us a call today on: 01932867624 Mob: 07545457684

Other Studio Options