With an Deponti aluminium veranda, you’ll have a stylish extension of your house. In addition, aluminium is very solid, weather proof and requires little maintenance. We use high quality aluminium in three colours: traffic white texturized (RAL9016), cream white (RAL9001) and gray texturized (RAL7024). In addition, we have countless of extra options and accessories in our product range, depending on your taste and preferences. 

A Deponti veranda allows you to enjoy your extra outdoor space throughout the year, allowing to create the perfect housing and living comfort.

Nebbiolo veranda

Slim, elegant and very competitively priced

Bosco veranda

Our ‘’bestseller’’, choose your own look!
Giallo veranda
Sleek design, robust and characteristic

Pigato veranda

Affordable luxury veranda with a glass roof

Ribolla detached veranda

Enjoy a covered terrace anywhere
Verdeca; Folding roof alum. Frame
Ultimate flexibility with a sleek design
Pinela; Aluminium Louvered Roof
Creating the perfect light on your own terrace
Pinela Deluxe; Aluminium Louvered roof
Enjoy the convertible effect in your own garden
Giallo verandaDeponti Fiano Glass sliding doors
Enjoy your garden and your terrace all year round
Grillo fencing
Modular adjustable fencing for extra shielding and privacy
Complete your terrace canopy with our accessories.